Monday, 7 July 2008


Canary seed, rape seed, golden German millet, oat groats, steel cut oats, nyjer, which is more desirable than thistle, flax/linseed, sesame, hemp.

The natural diet of seed eating birds is very rarely dry seed. For the better part of the year, all seed eating birds consume the milky seed directly from the plant. This seed is at its nutritional best. The vitamin content of even the best processed seed is nether consistent or adequate enough to assure optimal nutrition. Natural factors, such as drought, insects, excessive moisture, disease, and molds, make the vitamin levels of seed uncertain. Man made variables, the storage, transportation, and processing of feed, conspire to rob the seed of the vitamins needed by birds. Research has proven that the vitamin supplementation of seed is a must to achieve peak production. (Source: Petcraft)

Feeding canaries on dry seed and water only, is comparable to a diet of bread and water for ourselves.

Hulls should be blown off the top daily and seeds changed when there is nothing left.

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